At Signos IoT we are capable of monitoring 99.9% of the electricity, gas and water meters on the market

To do this, we have different devices that, coupled to the meters, are capable not only of measuring consumption, but also of predicting consumption using our own algorithms and detecting possible breakages or leaks.

Some examples of the sensors we offer are: AllCounterWater, WaterMeter All In One, PulseX4 and AllCounterGas

Measuring the consumption

We measure consumption by summation of magnetic pulses(SiMeter Pulse) or by optical character recognition (SiMeter OCR).

In this case, a small camera is integrated into the meter which takes photographs and sends a report with the numerical interpretation of the photographed data. This makes it easier to read the meter without having to supervise it in person on a daily basis. These devices can have a lifetime of several years and allow the desired threshold of photographic reports to be set.

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