In the health sector, Signos IoT has developed a smart air quality meter (SiCO2) capable of checking the health of the space in which it is located every 30 minutes. Thus, we can alert establishments when the concentration of particles is higher than recommended. 

The device automatically connects to the internet and installs quickly (Clip-On system), is maintenance-free and can provide highly accurate measurement of data relevant to corrective action in indoor spaces such as shops and premises.


Its versatility makes it adaptable to a variety of environments and is undoubtedly of great use in enclosed spaces in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this line, Signos IoT has collaborated with the Health Research Institute of Aragon (ISS Aragon) in the ‘CoviBlock’ project. This project combines research and technical assistance to reduce the risk of contagion by aerosols, both with effective ventilation protocols and the application of CO2 meters.

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