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SiMeter Pulse

Los sistemas de lectura por radio son ampliamente utilizados por proveedores de gas en el mundo

SiMeter Pulse
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SiMeter Pulse:

Radio reading systems are widely used by gas suppliers. However, NB-IoT technology provides a new level of communication, this low investment cost technology greatly improves efficiency and reduces human error when taking readings. It avoids disrupting customer privacy and also reduces potential security risks to the customer when taking readings. SiMeter Pulse provides a number of advantages for the user. They allow you to monitor customer consumption patterns, signal failures and unauthorised interventions.

Recorded and transmitted data:

  • Gas meter serial number
  • Real time gas consumption
  • Time of reading
  • Date of reading
  • Monthly consumption storage for the 12 months prior to the last reading –
  • Peak consumption for the 12 months prior to the last reading
  • Peak consumption
  • Battery usage time.
  • Detection of the correct position of the device in the meter.
  • Detection of voltage drops and low battery level.
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Avoiding displacement

Travel savings

Emission reductions



Our SiGas OCR and SiElec OCR solution is able to read 99% of gas and electricity meters.

TypeSiGas & SiElect àOCR
Dimensions167mm x 134mm x 96mm
Battery capacityLithium Battery AA 8500mAh
Battery Life6 Years *
Working Current< 160 mA
Standby current< 5μA
Humidity0 – 99 %
Working temperature-10º / + 55º
Storage temperature-25º/ +70º
Recognition accuracy> 99.9 %
ProtectionIP68 – ATEX (EX II1GD IIC T6 Gda)
Reception sensitivity-139 +/- 1dBm
Maximum system transmission powerNB:23 +/- 2dBm
Standing wave ratio<3
Electromagnetic protectionGrade E1
Communication moduleNb-IoT **

* Operating at temperature from + 5ºC to 35ºC.

** Different network and compatibility requirements, depending on country.

*** Availability of anchoring accessories.

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