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Smart air quality meter, with carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature and humidity sensors





SiCO2 is an internet-connected carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature and humidity measuring device for real and accurate air quality monitoring with a long lifetime. Strengths
  • Checks the health of your rooms and the quality of the air you breathe.
  • The device measures and sends CO2, temperature and humidity data every “x” minutes (configurable).
  • Dr. CO2 automatically connects to the Internet, just turn it on and you will immediately receive readings.
  • Low cost communication and long battery life – five years.
  • Versatile, connected, maintenance-free, ultra-low cost, powerful, accurate – perfect solution for easy, long-term, cost-effective air quality measurements with a true carbon dioxide sensor.
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CO2 control

Preventing virus infections

Covid 19


Type SiCO2
Dimensions 100 mm x 100 mm x 23 mm
Weight 170g
Protection Plastic case for interior use.
Battery duration 5 years*
Battery type 3 x AA 3,6 V
Sensor GSS CozIR LP & Sensirion SHT30
CO2 measurement range 0 – 5000 PPM
Working temperature range -40º – + 60º C
Humidity measurement range 0 – 95%
Precision 50 PPM or 3% /0,2º C/ 2 %
* Max. Battery duration 5 years, with a message every 30 min. ( 87.600 messages)



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