Conecting Gas Meters to the Internet

How can we conect them?

In this post I will explain how our devices monitor gas meters and can send this information through the internet.
Our devices take advantage of the meter’s own internal mechanics to make them intelligent, they register when the master wheel has done a full rotation and count this as a pulse, then it will count how many pulses the meter does.
But… what does that have to do with smart metering? Each of these pulses is translates into the magnitude in which the meter operates (m³), which is then converted into what the customer cares about, the KWh.
Thanks to our machine learning tools, with the information the device registers, we can make a prediction of how much the customer is going to consume in a period of time and how much money it’s going to cost.


Not only of pulses does the man live, it is also necessary to communicate the meters to be able to manage the data. But we don’t have a problem in that regard, we can handle the three most prominent communication methods in the IoT sphere, Sigfos, NB-IoT and LoraWan, which are very energy efficient, making the batteries in our devices last for longer.
What does this mean? Well, thanks to this, we have full coverage in Spain and in most of the countries around the world.
If you want to enter the IoT revolution and you want to start monitoring your gas meters… What are you waiting for? Contact us and lets discuss a personalized solution that will cover all your smart metering needs.
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